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1-2B Class News

"Talk to Me" from 1-2B.

In Literacy this week the students in 1-2B have been literally talking their heads off! They have been having many conversations and writing these down as sentences using quotation marks for direct speech.

Miss Toop wrote: "I have a wonderful class" said Miss Toop.

Bella wrote: "I went to the shops" I said.

Kaylan wrote: I said to my mum "Can we go to my Nan's?"

Amber wrote: I said "The postie came to my house."

Blithe wrote: "It is a great day" I said.

Hollie wrote: Mum said "It is time to go to school."

Morgon wrote: "I love eating my vegies so much" said Morgon.

Tashahn wrote: My mum said "You can watch the footy on TV Tashahn."


 1/2 B quotation word wall.


'Balloon Buddies'

In Personal Development/Health/Physical Education this term, 1-2B has been studying 'Understanding Bullying'. We have discussed what friendly behaviour at school is and why we have a friendly class. Students drew various pictures of friendly attributes, rolled each one up and popped them into a balloon. After blowing up the balloon,sticking on feet, drawing a face and giving their 'Balloon Buddy' a name, they then discussed the friendly things they liked about their buddy with the class. Some students named their buddy after a special friend in the class. Friendly attributes included: saying nice things to me, playing with me, sharing with me, sharing and taking turns, helping me to do things. This was a fun activity to do. The students love their 'Balloon Buddies' and look forward to other interesting activities in this unit. Keep up the fantastic work and positive attitude 1-2B!

  My Balloon Buddy is the best!