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2T On Fire!

2T is absolutely on fire! Over the past fortnight, we have been focussing on the importance of organising our writing into paragraphs. Writing in paragraphs is an important skill that allows students to structure their writing so that it is coherent, organised and easily understood.

Students in 2T have written paragraphs about their holidays and also their sporting interests. Ben and Kirra-Lea were absolute standouts in what has been a very rewarding fortnight. Every student in the class is organising their writing so that each paragraph describes a different aspect of their holiday or favourite sport.

Kirra-Lea has documented some serious but hilarious recounts of her family holiday - Have you replaced that phone yet Kristy and Aaron? Meanwhile, Ben has been clinical in organising his paragraphs about his favourite sports. Ben loves football, touch football and basketball and wrote detailed paragraphs about all three.

Well done to all 2T students and we look forward to seeing a continued improvement in their writing this year.