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5/6C have been writing stories


One day a wizard got out of bed and went to get dressed.  His hat was missing.  The wizard screamed.  He had searched his whole house top to bottom, it was not there.  He had to find it.  If he didn't he would not be able to do any more spells.  The next day he looked all over the town.  It was not there so he started to cry.  The wizard cried and cried all night long.  When it became morning he went to a town where all the wizards go to do their spells.  He searched top to bottom and turned the town upside down.  The hat was not there.  He went home.  As he walked in the house he remembered that he had been to the library and had taken his hat off.  He went back there and found it.  He was so happy.  

By Sarah





Once upon a time there were six boys who went to a space station.  Their names were Nathaneal, Emmanuel, Lockie, Dainton, James and Marcus.  They went to the space station to learn about rockets.  They had to learn about rockets for their school project.  Everybody in their class did poems, speeches, dioramas and paper mache models of rockets.   They were the last ones to do their project.  Their teacher, Mrs McDonald, said to the six boys that it was due on Friday, it was already Tuesday...

The six boys went to the space station and asked everybody they saw questions.  Everybody they asked kept saying, "go away, we are busy!" They went into a rocket and started looking around and Emmanuel sat on the button which started the rocket.  The rocket went up into space at the speed of light.

When the six boys went into space they went past Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus until they reached Neptune.  Before they went outside to explore Neptune, James told everyone to put on a space suit.  When the six boys got out of the rocket they stepped into zero gravity.  They decided to play a few games like football, basketball and cricket.

The computer in the rocket said ten minutes before takeoff.  Nathaneal, Emmanuel, Lockie, Dainton, James and Marcus started to get some souvenirs for home and school. Everyone got into the rocket and the computer started counting, '5.4.3,2,1, lift off.'  They passed six planets until they reached Earth.  They went home and started studying for the test and they all got an A+.  They all celebrated.

By Malakai