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1-2 M think gymnastics is great!

Our class went to the school hall for our first gymnastics session. We were very excited about this. We met Coach Cathy and she told us we needed to do some warm ups first. We lay down to do some stretching, such as star shapes, straight shapes like a pencil and rolling up like a ball.

We walked to each of the four stations and watched a demonstration of what we would be doing in our group rotations. Coach Cathy chose four leaders and we got into four groups.

The first station was forward pencil rolls. We had to roll down the wedge shaped mat like we did in the exercises.

The second station was doing cartwheels on a mat or bunny hops if the cartwheels were a bit hard. Most of us were able to do the cartwheels.

The third station was the bars. We had to hang on the bars and make shapes. They were stars, a tucked up shape, hanging straight like a pencil and then jumping off.

The last station was the mini trampoline. We had to jump off the trampoline as high as we could, make a star shape and then land on a pretend motorbike and hold the position for three seconds.

We completed four rotations and then Coach Cathy asked us to find our own space. We did some cool down stretching exercises, such as stretching our legs out in front and trying to touch our toes. Then we made butterflies with our heels and stretched some more.

Gymnastics is a lot of fun, good for your body and we are learning new skills. We can't wait for next Friday to do some more gymnastics!



1-2M class: Zahli, Breanna, Tanaya, Jayda, Morgon, Amber, Keira, Bella, Talitha, Maddy, Kiannah, Ocean, Kaylan, Blithe, Shane, Tashahn. 


Mini tramoline star jumps


Coach Cathy explains what will happenThe action begins


Shapes on the barsJump higher Morgan!