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5/6P Making Music


The students and I have been working on music from week 1 of the school year. We've watched Yoyo Ma play Bach, We've sung songs, we've played xylophones and smashed drums, and we've even started learning to read music. Though the opportunities to study music used to be somewhat haphazard, it is now a part of weekly routine, happening every Monday afternoon.

For the last 2 Music Mondays, the students of 5/6P have been working on creating an original song. Using Mr. Lloyd's laptop, guitars, microphones, and stacks of loops, the students have clapped, dragged, clicked and danced their way to what will almost certainly be a huge hit.

I'm so excited about what they've come up with, that I've put it up online as an .mp3 so that everyone they know can download and share it.

As Music Mondays continue there are plans to do more recording, singing, playing instruments, and I would love for every student to be able to read music (even just a little bit) before they head off to high school. With choir starting up, and the talent show just around the corner, you can expect great things from these budding musicians.