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K-1W Healthy Lifestyles

This term K-1W have been learning about all the different ways we can keep our bodies healthy through songs, art, science experiments, fruit tasting and participating in PE with Miss Humes.


The children have enjoyed all the activities - especially the song we have been learning - Spaghetti Bolognaise. We were lucky enough to have Ronalda - the fantastic aide we have working in our classroom - make some spaghetti bolognaise for us all to enjoy. It was delicious and healthy and I could tell that all the children loved it by the silence and the mess on their faces afterwards!!!

In week 7, we visited the Breakky club and sampled lots of different fruits and vegetables. I was very pleased to see all the children trying and enjoying some new things - such as dragon fruit. Well done!


We have also been speaking about drinking lots of water to help keep our bodies healthy and hydrated, so we conducted a science experiment using celery, blue water and a cup. The purpose of this experiment was to show that like us, plants need water to survive. We found that the celery turned blue from the food colouring after drinking the water!


Some of the beautiful artwork we have created.

If we eat healthy we will turn into beautiful butterflies - just like The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

A beautiful fruit bowl filled with delicious fruit!


Great effort K-1W! Keep enjoying your healthy lifestyles!!!


Mrs Ware