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Science Crazy @ Tweed South

As well as a healthy lifestyle unit, 4/5T have been spending their afternoon sessions exploring Science.

To begin with, students were divided into large groups and given a range of challenges that required them to work as a team. Students learnt the importance of respectful communication, encouragement and getting along with others in order to achieve their team goals.

In weeks three and four 4/5T saved the school from a ‘potentially deadly' nuclear catastrophe. Working in groups of 8, students had to responsibly dispose of a radioactive nuclear rod that had somehow found its way into the school grounds. Students could not go within a bordered off area and had to use a series of fishing line and rubber bands to dispose of the toxic waste.

In weeks five and six, students had to save their team mates from a deserted island. They were stranded with Tom Hanks (Castaway) and found a raft in the form of a library table. They had to float the raft on 8 balloons and get all team members aboard to save themselves and their team mates.

After learning a range of important cooperative learning skills, 4/5T are now set for a series of investigative Science lessons. They will be working in teams of 3, taking on the jobs of director, manager and speaker to learn about a range of scientific concepts. Week 7 saw the launch of our balloon powered rockets with every team of 3 successfully working as a team and achieving their goals. Keep it up 4/5T.

Mr Chalmers  8 students disposing of the toxic nuclear rod


8 students disposing of the toxic nuclear rod