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4/5T's Art of the Land

Earlier this term, 4/5T produced some of the finest art of the year with Mrs Lawrence. The project was inspired by Joan Chambers' Art of the Land which showcases Australia's natural and built wonders from the bush to the beach.

Students based their art around our pristine waterways and some of our National Icons. Uluru, The Sydney Harbour Bridge and our world famous beaches were among the favourites.

Oil pastels were used on black art paper which achieved excellent contrast and colour combinations. A series of rivers were designed and coloured. Students then filled the gaps with their choice of Australian Icons.

The art pieces complimented 4/5T's HSIE work for the term in which students studied a different country every week.

Students began the term with the greatest country of them all, Australia, before researching countries from all continents. The HSIE unit culminated in Week 10 with students selecting a country and learning about its culture, geography and interesting facts.

Mr Chalmers loves walking into the room every morning to a bright display of Australian Art. The pieces also serve as a constant reminder for our children that they are lucky to live in the finest country on the planet.