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Teamwork, friendship, managing anger and bullying.



These are some of the things 3/4MG have been learning about this term.  Working as a team can be fun and lots of things can be achieved, however, everyone needs to treat each other with respect.  We discussed what respect is and how putdowns do not show respect and hurt people.  Putdowns include talking behind someones back, laughing at someone, making mean gestures, imitating someones way of talking or walking, calling someone mean names, picking on something the person is sensitivwe about, making remarks about their family or friends and criticizing a persons clothing or home. We have a no putdowns rule in our classroom. 

Friendship is an important aspect of everyones life and we looked at what friends do together and how to make friends with others.  Giving people compliments, playing fairly, sharing, helping each other and having fun together are some of the things good friends do.

Everyone gets angry sometimes, even with their friends.  We looked at good ways to deal with your anger such as walking away from the situation and giving yourself thinking time, doing some exercise, telling someone else how you feel, breathing deeply and counting to ten, telling yourself to stop and relaxing and tensing your muscles. Once the anger has passed it is then time to deal with the situation calmly and rationally. 

Things that make you angry could include bullying.  We made posters to let other students know what to do if they find themselves being bullied.  Some of the ideas included  telling the bully to stop, tell them you don't like it and go and get an adult to help you.  Don't react violently towards a bully, fighting back can make it worse. If you see someone else being bullied speak up for them.  Ask the bully to stop.  Comfort the person being bullied and offer them your friendship.

We also looked at Kids Helpline on  It is a counselling service available throughout Australia.  Kids can call the number 1800 55 1800  24 hours a day 7 days a week. They can call no matter how big or small they may feel their problem is.  It is available to deal with some of lifes most serious challenges right through to young people just wanting support on how to  deal with a school yard incident or a family situation.