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Exploring under the sea with K-1W


Students in K-1W  have been learning more about the creatures that live ‘under the sea'. Each day during independent writing, the students listen to information texts which inform them of details about different types of sea creatures. Each student then is to write about what they have learnt; such as how they find food, protect themselves and  ‘move'. We have learnt so many new and interesting facts about sea creatures. DID YOU KNOW;  the seahorse is the only living animal that the father carries and delivers babies? I bet Mr Ware is glad!

Did you know that crabs have ten legs AND walk sideways instead of forwards? They use their back legs to assist with swimming AND remove their shells when their soft body grows too large for it! THEN, they  grow a new one! 

The  box jellyfish has clumps of eyes on four sides of its bell, up to 15 tentacles and they can grow up to 3m long; that's taller than Franklyn and Eliana combined in length!

We have made our own aquariums, which we included seaweed which the fish eat and use to hide amongst for protection. Many fish have a skeleton, scales and fins; which they use to swim in a straight line through the water. Students in K-1W have also learnt that many fish have a skeleton, scales covering their body and gills, which they use to breathe through. Some fish have poisonous tentacles that they use to paralyse their enemy to protect themselves and ensure their survival.

This week we started to practice publishing our wonderful stories on our XO's, even Mrs Madden was very surprised at the high quality editing and proof reading skills students demonstrated in Kindy and year 1 so far, a credit to Mrs Wares excellent ICT teaching!


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