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Learning is fun in K-1W

K-1W love learning using a hands on approach!

Students are engaged daily in hands on activities during literacy and numeracy sessions that support their learning in the weekly focus. At the conclusion of lessons, reflection time takes place where students share their learning and new knowledge, and explain their reasons to answers. When the students are manipulating and touching things, combined with talking and listening, multiple areas of the brain are being activated and students are more likely to retain information. Students are more focused and are constructing their own meaning by learning through using many senses. K-1W work really hard during all activities, and see it as playing "games" rather than learning!

Great job K-1W, keep up the hard (and fun!) work!


Franklyn, Eliana and Ariella learning the tricky teen numbers


Faith and Monique enjoying some silent reading


Jaxon - "It is fun playing games."

Eliana - "I like playing with the toys and learning."

Ariella - "I like writing on the whiteboards."

Franklyn - "I like maths. It is fun."

Jayanarra - "I like shake, rattle and drop and writing friends of 10 on the whiteboards."


Jadalee and Jayanarra learning the word my


 Maya and Claudia learning syllables by playing Spikey Mikey


Riley learning friends of ten by playing blocks on a bowl