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5-6T are Perfecting Poetry!


Posing in front of our ‘Poetry Wall of Fame' are aspiring poets Taj, Satira, Shayden, Caitlin and

Mia. ‘To be, or not to be – what is poetry?' (A twist on the Shakespearean quote from Hamlet).


Students from 5-6T have been studying various forms of poetry and poetic devices. They have

discovered that poetry can be both silly and funny, as in limericks or effective in expressing feelings

and messages, such as Japanese Haiku. Some poems rhyme, some do not.


Limmerick (Mia)

There once was a boy called Tim

Who ate a big, fat dim sim

He choked on the feast

Got ate by a beast

And that was the end of him!


Acrostic (Satira)

Bad people bully

Upbeat is the word you should hear

Loving is better than bullying

Laughing at people is worse

You can help to stop bullying


Haiku (Shayden)

Pollution is bad

It will hurt our animals

We have to stop now


Cinquain (Taj)


Hot, fun

Swimming, games, surfing

Water, waves, sun baking



Cinquain (Caitlin)


Stick together

Love, laughter, loyalty

Break ups, make ups