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Anyone for Tennis

Students from 2-3F have embraced the  Breakpoint tennis coaching sessions with enthusiasm. From the start of the coaching students have improved their hand-eye coordination and racquet control. Ivan "Raffa Nadal" is the most enthusiastic and encourages others to perform at their best. Some others to excel would have to be Shaqkarian and Shakaya aka " Venus and Serena". Kayden is showing the benefits of his lunchtime hitouts with Mr Foran and he says that everyone should give tennis a go. " Come On !"

2-3F have continued their experiments on heat transfer in science and found out that heat can be transferred in three ways, conduction, convection and radiation. We tried different materials to find out which were good and poor conductors of heat. Koby thinks Mr Taylor shouls buy some lab coats for the school so that we can look like real scientists..

2-3F are embarking on some lessons in photography. Students are using their XOs, iPads and school cameras to take interesting photos and also go through the editing process. The photo with this article was taken by Kayden.