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Borrowing the words from a Bryan Ferry song, our class have been involved in the study of magnets and magnetic forces.

We have studied the strength of a variety of magnets using a number of tests involving paper clips and learned how magnetic forces operate.

During our research sessions we have found out a number of interesting facts. Jacob found out that magnets will attract objects made from iron. nickel or cobalt. Koby found that a coiled wire can be used to make an electromagnet. Braxon found out that the Earth acts like a great big magnet. Jaida told us that magnets have two ends or poles, North and South.

We also researched some of the uses of magnets, such as in hard disk drives, MRI machines and electric motors. Some very valuable uses. Mr Foran reminded us not to put the force to evil use like Magneto or Dart Vader – may the magnetic force be with you 3-4F !