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The school library has a comprehensive range of books and support material available for staff and student use.


Class Library Days

Mondays: Preschool, KC and KW


Wednesday: 1-2 A and 1-2C

Thursday: 2-3R, 3-4E and 3-4M

Friday: Preschool, 5-6C and 5-6H



The number of books students may borrow is:

Kindergarten: 2 books

Years 1, 2, 3 and 4: 2 books

Years 5 and 6: 3 books

  • All loans are for one week.
  • Books are to be brought back each week and loans may be renewed.
  • To borrow, students need a cloth bag. Any bag made of cloth is also suitable. Old pillow cases make fabulous library bags.
  • There is no fine system for overdue books. However students are responsible for the books they borrow. If a book is lost or damaged beyond repair, it must be paid for.
  • You can assist your child by suggesting a safe place to keep the library books at home and spending some time each week sharing the library books with them.


School holidays are a great time to catch up with books, perhaps by visiting a local public library at Tweed Heads, Kingscliff or Murwillumbah.

Holidays are a good time to throw library bags into the washing machine.


Book Week is the longest running children's festival in Australia and is run by the Children's Book Council of Australia

The first Australian Children's Book of the Year Award was made in 1946. At that time and until 1952, there was only one award. The Picture Book of the Year Award was established as a separate award in 1952. Until 1982, there was no division between Older and Younger Readers. The Eve Pownall Award for information books was presented by Eve Pownall's family in 1988, then by the Children's Book Council from 1993. The Early Childhood Award was introduced in 2001.

Each year, many schools and public libraries from all over Australia spend a week celebrating books and Australian authors and illustrators. Classroom teachers, teacher librarians and public librarians develop activities, offer competitions and tell stories relating to a theme to highlight the importance of reading.


Volunteers from our school community are always welcome in the library. There seems to be an unending pile of new books to be covered

See me in the library before or after school (Monday to Thursday) if you'd like to volunteer – even just an hour or two once a week or fortnight makes a difference.


Open Day is held as part of our school's Education Week celebrations. Students are welcome to show their families around the library.


The annual library stocktake happens during the last three weeks of each school year. Borrowing and regular class visits to the library stop. Students are required to return all library books.


Students are responsible for books that they borrow from the library. There are no fines for overdue books. However, any books that have been lost need to be paid for, and books damaged beyond repair must also be paid for. (If you do pay for a lost library book, and then find the book (and it is in good order), of course we will refund your money).





First Break 11:30am to 12:00pm


First Break 11:30am to 12:00pm


First Break 11:30am to 12:00pm


First Break 11:30am to 12:00pm


First Break 11:30am to 12:00pm


Although students only visit the library once a week with their class, they may borrow more frequently. They can do so when the library is open during lunch or before school.

The library is open to students who wish to borrow and return books.

The library is open for students to borrow books, read, draw, work on homework or projects, access computers and IPads and play quiet games.


A number of student Library Monitors volunteer to assist in the library at lunchtimes. They do a great job helping other students, sorting and shelving books, organising the resources and generally helping with whatever needs to be done.