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Tech & Teaching in the Library

All of the classes have undertaken new projects this term that they will work on during library and
class time. We will be following the Information Skills Process, with a final presentation towards
the end of the term. We are very excited to be using our iPads as a learning tool for these
projects. Every stage group will be covering a different topic that fits in with their classroom

5-6B and 5-6T: Asian Explorer Showcase.
This unit aims to provide an understanding of connections Australia has with Asia. We will
develop an awareness that Asia is our nearest neighbour and that it is important we have an
understanding of their cultural similarities and differences.

3-4C and 4-5S: Inventors and Scientists.
These classes are exploring how inventors work and follow a process to suit a particular need or
demand. They will also be looking at the number of Australian inventors who have contributed
innovative inventions to the world.

1-2C, 1-2N and 2-3F: Workers in the community.
This unit provides opportunities for students to explore the different roles and responsibilities of
people with whom they interact in their family, school and community. It focuses on how these
roles and responsibilities connect to meet our needs and wants.

KC and K-1M: Reading and creating eBooks
KC and K-1M have the opportunity to explore a variety of technologies when reading and creating
texts. They will learn how to navigate and read eBooks, and will then have a chance to write and
publish their own eBook to share with their family.