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XO's with 4-5F, what's the verdict?

4/5F have been experimenting with their new XO computers, but what are their opinions and thoughts about the XOs?

My Green Machine, also known as the XO computer, is really cool! You can do lots of AWESOME things on it like playing games, messaging friends, drawing, typing, animal videos, touch screen and so much more!

"You can take lots of selfies, upload them to your work and you can even make movies. I like my Green Machine XO computer, it changes everything, I love it!" Satira

"The XO Green Machine is fun, awesome and makes school so much better! It has a lot of things to do and enjoy." Brody

"The Green Machine has everything so we no longer need books. We don't have to write we can just use our XOs! It also has an art program to teach us art!" Bianca

"I love all the games and educational activities, being able to chat to our friends and watch animals playing!" Luka

"At first I didn't really like the Green Machine (XO) until Mr Taylor fixed it and now I think it's so awesome."  Jasmin

"The XO computer is a cool green colour. The activities are awesome and my favourite game is Tux Paint." Jorja


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