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Preschoolers Investigate Light, Shadow and Colour

This term in preschool, we have undertaken a project "Light, Shadow and Colour". Questions the children had included: What makes a shadow? How can we make new colours? and How are rainbows made? Here are some of the play provisions we have undertaken so far to find the answers to our questions:

·         Finding our shadow and observing it at different times of the day

·         Making shadows using torches

·         Shadow dancing

·         Shadow puppet theatre

·         Exploring the three primary colours (red, yellow and blue) and experimenting with mixing these colours to find new colours:

-          Using torches with coloured cellophane to mix coloured light

-          Mixing paint on the easel

-          Mixing Coloured Water

-          Eye dropper art with food colouring

-          Cellophane collages

-          Using our light table to mix the colours of transparent counters

-          Shining torches through glasses of water to create rainbows

Where is the Green Sheep?



The children were given red, blue and yellow paddles and asked the question "Where is the Green Sheep?" They had to utilise their knowledge of mixing colours to find all the different coloured sheep. We had to look through the yellow and blue paddles at the same time to find the green sheep hiding!  



 What we have learnt:

·         You need light to make shadows (either sun light or man-made light such as torches)

·         If the light is on top, the shadow is small and if we move the light to the sides, the shadow grows!

·         There are three special colours called "Primary Colours" and they are red, blue and yellow

·         We can mix the primary colours to make new colours – Red + Blue = Purple, Red + Yellow = Orange and Blue + Yellow =  Green

·         We need a little bit of rain and a little bit of sun to make a rainbow. Rainbows are made when the sun shines through the water / raindrops.  


My Shadow

Making Shadows

 Looking through coloured glasses



 Coloured torch light

 Colour mixing collage


Shadow Dancing