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1-2M say 'Yes Please' to exotic fruits!

1-2 M say ‘Yes Please' to Exotic Fruits!

This week 1-2M have been celebrating Fruit and Veg month of September with a daily ‘taster' of exotic and unusual fruits.

Students sampled bright red, juicy blood oranges packed with vitamin C; crunchy green nashi pears that are a cross between an apple and a pear; pomegranates with fleshy seeds that are one of the oldest fruits known and considered a ‘superfood' high in antioxidants; sweet and tangy tamarillos, the tree tomato rich in iron and mangosteens, the most exotic, tropical fruit in Asia.   

After tasting the fruity delights the students then wrote about their favourite one using adjectives to describe how they looked, how they felt, how they smelt and how they tasted. YUMMY!

Then it was time to munch into some raw vegetables, 12 in total! Students sampled carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, beetroot, beans, snow peas, cherry tomatoes, avocados, red cabbage, radishes and red capsicum.

1-2M say.......Don't forget it's ‘2 fruit, 5 veg' a day.


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