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Outcome 2:

Children are connected with and contribute to their world


9am (arrival) until 9:20am each day

Parents / Caregivers and extended family members are invited to stay and engage in activities with their pre-schooler

Activities are focused around "TRIPLE P"

Parent Reading


Preparation for writing (Fine Motor Program)

The same activities are offered each day for one week so children and families can spend ample time on an activity, revisit a favourite activity and have time to engage in the full range of activities.

"Triple P" Activities

Parent Reading

A selection of books is offered for parents to read aloud to their child

Materials are provided to facilitate discussion about stories after reading (e.g. speech therapist story questioning sheets, story cards, story spinners, story beach balls and story dice)

Sharing stories with others facilitates language development, the development of early reading  concepts, listening skills and imagination


A selection of puzzles are presented on the puzzle mat and at a puzzle table for children to complete cooperatively with their family members (jigsaw puzzles or simple games such as dominoes or snap)

Puzzles help to develop problem solving, logical thinking and fine motor skills

Completing a puzzle with an adult or small group allows a child to learn and observe new puzzle solving strategies, to try more challenging puzzles and social skills such as sharing and taking turns

Computer activities using EDMARK software which is designed to foster preschoolers problem solving skills

Preparation for Writing - Fine Motor Program

Play dough Skills

Essential Play Dough Skills

Animal Activity Cards (utilising and extending essential play Dough skills)

Casey Caterpillar Handwriting Shapes and My Name

Alphabet Letter and Initial Sound Animal Play Dough Cards

Numeral and Dot Pattern Play Dough Cards

Scissor Skills (Designed by Occupational Therapist)

Specific scissor skill activities that support the developmental stages of cutting

Pencil Skills (Designed by Occupational Therapist) - Specific pencil skills such as tracing, mazes, handwriting patterns, procedurals drawing tasks are offered

Easel - Choice of chalk board, whiteboard, free drawing or magnets to help develop fine motor skills

Other Fine Motor Activity - A ‘hands on' activity is offered to facilitate the development of fine motor skills (e.g. threading a variety of objects, sewing, tap tap, peg boards, geo-boards, Lego, straw construction, stamping, weaving activities etc.

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