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In the last 5 weeks we have talked about ways of thinking that help students to be successful and happy at school. We have looked at persistence, resilience, getting along, organisation and confidence. We are now looking at the 5 ways of thinking that stop students being happy and successful. They are (feeling very down, worry, procrastination, not paying attention and anger)

This week we look at feeling very worried. This means that you worry a lot about whether other people like you. You can also feel anxious about your school work or other achievements and you can spend a lot of time worrying about mistakes or having to do things perfectly.

Negative ways of thinking that lead to feeling very worried include:

• Needing to be perfect-thinking that I have to be successful in everything I do, I can't stand it if I am not.

• Needing approval- thinking that I must always have people approve of what I do.

• I can't be bothered-thinking that life should always be fun and exciting and that I can't stand it when things are frustrating, boring or uncomfortable.

Things you can do to help your child:

Try challenging these negative ways of thinking. Build your child's confidence and discuss the fact that it's OK to make mistakes, we can learn from them and we do not have to be perfect we just have to give it our best try. Show your child how to use positive self- talk to remind themselves to stay calm, encourage them to keep trying and tell them that it's OK to take risks. Have a little saying your child can say to themselves to stop themselves from getting too worried. eg: I can do it, it's going to be OK or I can handle this.

Show your child that they are more likely to be successful than fail when they are organised and persist. Discuss with your child the fact that in order to be successful in the future, you sometimes have to do things that are not easy or fun in the present.