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On your mark... Get set... GO!

              An Olympic Event at THSPS.


Last week 2/3H invited 2T and 1/2M to compete in a "Measurement Olympics". Students from those classes competed in three sporting events and learnt a lot about mathematics at the same time!

The first event was the 100m sprint. Students used trundle wheels to measure the 100 metre distance, and then used timers to measure how fast each person ran. Year three became 'teachers' and helped the younger students use the measuring equipment. Good work Year 3!

The second event was long jump. Students had to use measuring tape and record each persons jump in metres and centimetres. Year 2 students really showed off their maths skills in this event. They also demonstrated excellent sportsmanship, applauding their friends after each jump.

The final event was shot-put. We used beanbags and threw these as far as we could. Students worked in pairs and used the metre ruler to measure the distance that each beanbag was thrown. Years 1, 2 and 3 all learnt valuable lessons such as measuring from the same point each time, measuring from the zero on the ruler and measuring in straight lines to get fair results.

Mr. Chalmers, Miss Toop and I were very impressed with students' enthusiasm, sportsmanship and willingness to learn new measurment techniques over the two day event.


A medal ceremony has been organised to recognise the acheivements of the following students:

Year 3 Sporting Champion: Shayden                Year 3 Measurement Champion: Talisha

Year 2 Sporting Champion: Ryan                      Year 2 Measurement Champion: Tia

Year 1 Sporting Champion: Shane                    Year 1 Measurement Champion: Blithe


Congratulations and a big thankyou to everyone who had a go and helped out during our Olympic event!

Miss Humes

Using a trundle wheel to measure distance  Long jump