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Costa Georgiadis (Host of Gardening Australia) was at Tweed Heads South Public School!

Costa and his crew, Greg James (Farmers Choice), David Gourlay (SOILife) and  ? (female name will be in sign in book) visited our school this week on Monday morning. Costa was larger than life, full of positive energy as he grilled the Garden Gnomes asking inquisitive and pertinent questions about their current gardening practises.

WATCH one, DO one, TEACH one!  

Costa was impressed with the Garden Gnome leaders talking about mentoring younger volunteers at school during garden sessions. In his own words you ‘ watch what to do, do one yourself and then teach someone else.'

‘Happy worms, Happy compost'!

Worms are like us', Costa said as they live in houses, separating the eating area (upstairs)from the sleeping quarters (middle level) and we need to ensure their house is moist, watered and provide ‘home delivery'  mashed up fruit and veg scraps before placing inside the ‘kitchen'. The liquid (worm wee) that collects in the base (bathroom) can be poured onto plants every couple of weeks. It's a totally organic fertilizer that can be used to feed every plant in the garden.

Making a compost pileis like making a giant layercake!  We need to provide just the right balance of brown (carbon) and green(nitrogen) layers, mix it well, water it, and give it time to ‘cook'.

David from SOILife kindly offered to donate some much needed top soil to enhance the progress of our garden.

‘We need to be at our next school 5 minutes ago'!

The Garden Gnomes were busy taking notes both mentally and scribbling on paper, ‘hanging' off Costa's wise words. Alas, the time went far too quickly before Costa had to move onto his next school. He asked us to keep in touch by emailing photos of our progress with the worms and compost.

We thanked Costa for his expert advice and for fitting us into his tight schedule whilst in the Tweed region.

Miss Toop & Garden Gnomes: Rubin, Neil, Dale, Ella, April & Jayden