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Preschool Philosophy

Preschool Philosophy

We strive to ensure each child feels a sense of belonging to our environment, being in the moment and becoming themselves. Our program and daily practice are guided by the Early Years Learning Framework, National Quality Standard and our children and families. 

We believe each child brings with them their own unique beliefs and cultures. Children first and foremost belong to their family and community. We believe that the children and their families need to feel welcome, safe and secure in an environment that is supportive, nurturing and predictable. 

We believe children are capable, competent and creative learners who are unique and develop and learn in their own way.  

We strive to provide opportunities through a play based and supportive program for children to learn independence, confidence in their own abilities and to take safe risks and form their own identity. 

We believe that through daily observations and critical reflective practice, we aim to provide a program that provides for child centred responsive practice and caters to diverse learning styles. 

We strive for children to become confident learners and in themselves to transition to school. Our whole school community engages with our preschool children which fosters a sense of belonging to the school and the environment. 

We value Aboriginal culture and perspectives. These are embedded throughout our program and environment. We value all cultures and ways of being. We include and respect all aspects of diverse cultures and ways of being in our program through collaborative partnerships with families and communities.

We endeavour to create an atmosphere that is fun, engaging and inviting for children, families and our educators to enjoy, laugh and play. We strive to ensure all our children, families and educators grow holistically through an inclusive environment and to become confident in themselves, kind lifelong learners. 

Our Philosophy is seen as a living document, continually evolving in the light of new research, the ideas of new team members and input from families.

Our Children’s Voice: 

I like playing with the playdough- Johan 

It’s just so fun - Emily

I like building with the boxes- Saxon 

Playing with my friends - Diya 

Our Families Voice:

Our daughter will ask every day if it is a school day. Her willingness to attend tells us a lot about her levels of comfort at 'little school'. We hold high regard for the teachers and support staff who have developed a safe, family friendly, respectful and fun learning environment. Having had our son come through the preschool previously, we have witnessed the benefits of the close relationship between the school and preschool also. All in all, very happy. Thank you. Natalie

I love this centre!! My son looks forward to it every day. Amazing teachers, they are always willing to communicate, always cheerful and very friendly. I love the mini classroom library and the fun and educational games that my son can borrow from. The teachers are always introducing different activities. Very well organised teachers, keep up the great work and thank you!! So pleased. Luwam

I love that Layla is being regularly exposed and learning about indigenous values, culture and belief systems. Hope it will continue as she moves through the schooling years. Michael and Natalie