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Hat or no hat ! Persuasive writing from 5/6F

Studies show that if you wear a sunsafe hat your chances of getting skin cancer are cut by 45%. Also school hats are always protective against the sun. You should wear a school hat because they're usually a bit plain and so that others won't want to steal them like good hats. When the school decides to go on an excursion you might get lost because strangers will stand out in a crowd of uniformed children.   Lachlan

Surely an extremely intelligent person like yourself would figure out that school hats are not necessary. There are many points I can tell you but I prefer to keep it 'short and sweet.' The first reason is that they cost too much and people take them out and lose them so parents end up buying so many hats. Head lice is a huge problem and hats just make it many times worse. So if we eliminate the school hats lice must go away.  Dainton

I believe that children should  wear school hats so you don't get sunburn or skin cancer. They also protect your ears and your face. Also, some children wear caps and get sunburnt and then they realise that they should have worn a proper sun-safe hat.

Firstly, if you get sunburnt it will hurt a lot and if you keep on playing in the sun then you can get skin cancer. School hats protect your face and your ears from getting damaged.

Secondly, if you wear caps it may only protect your face but it won't protect your ears which is bad. So if children wear coloured hats and think they're all cool, they won't be the smart ones because the smart people won't get sunburnt because they wear school hats.

Thirdly, if you're going on an excursion, your teachers will see you and keep you safe. Also, if you're in the rain you won't get wet as much but if you don't wear a hat then you will get soaked straight away.  Kayla

I belive that we should wear school hats, because too many children are getting sunburnt. So, please wear school hats.

If you don't wear school hats you will get sunburnt and if you get sunburnt, well that will be very painful. I should know! I got sunburnt, it's not cool!   Jimmy

To whoever is reading or listening, we should all wear school hats because of a number of reasons.

Firstly, if you get a sunburn, your chances are 45% of getting melanoma(skin cancer).

Secondly, wearing a school hat show's that you care about your school's uniform.

Finally, even if it is not sunny you must still wear a school hat because your chances of getting burnt on a non sunny day are just as high as that on a sunny day.

From my point of view, I think we should all wear school hats.    Ella